GPS Collar for Dogs

If you worry about your pup while you’re away at work or on vacation, then the new Spotlight GPS Locator collar could really be a lifesaver for you – and your dog.

The GPS collar, made by Positioning Animals Worldwide, is the first of its kind to have a mobile app feature. The iPhone-friendly applicati

on allows you to track and recover pets right from the palm of your hand. Pet parents with iPhones will be able to check Google maps for up-to-date locations and turn-by-turn directions to their dogs.

According to the Spotlight GPS website, you can easily customize “SafeSpots” on your dog’s GPS collar to designate locations

where you know your dog is safe, such as your house or backyard. Whenever your pup leaves the SafeSpot, the collar will alert your phone and email that he has wandered off. You can easily turn off the GPS collar when you’re with your dog to avoid unnecessary alerts.

The GPS collar also has a built-in anti-theft mechanism to alert you if your dog may have been stolen. The collar is capable of letting you know the speed at which your dog is traveling, and if it appears that he is traveling at a speed above his normal running pace, he may be in an unknown car. The collar will allow you to see your dog’s location and notify the police if you think he has been stolen.

The collar boasts continual tracking, and even has a small USB flash drive built inside the collar that you can insert into your computer if your dog is lost or has been stolen. The flash drive can hold owner information, including a contact number.

The collar, which is backed by the American Kennel Club, is available for purchase on the Spotlight GPS website. It retails for $249.99, with monthly tracking plans starting at $7.99.